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At David Abbott and Partners, we identify suitable candidates through many routes:

After 25 years of recruiting senior people, our network is extensive and affords our clients rapid access to relevant individuals already known to us.

We will sometimes supplement candidates from our network by confidential advertising in the most relevant electronic and print media.

When the skill-set required for a position is particularly narrow and there are a limited number of companies in which these skills can be found, we will conduct a confidential Executive Search. We agree a list of Target Companies with our client before identifying and approaching the most relevant candidates.

Whichever methods we use, the most promising candidates are interviewed face-to-face by one of our consultants. Those who reach this stage are provided with a comprehensive Assignment Brief, which will have been agreed in advance with the client. Applicants are assessed against agreed criteria in order to match their suitability to the position and the client's culture.

Once a Shortlist has been agreed, clients receive a detailed Interview Report together with a Curriculum Vitae for each candidate.

References are then taken up on behalf of clients if required.

 David Abbott and partners